Cherry Soda


As far as anyone can tell, Cherry Soda is in fact an actual Cherry Coca-Cola machine set up just outside a corner store in a particularly low-class area of the Redmond Barrens. It’s covered with graffiti, and someone’s punched a big dent into the “Coca-” part of the front display image, and written “ain’t no cocaine here, motherfuckers!” in crude pen over that spot.

So far, Cherry Soda has dispensed the following items:

  • A cold bottle containing warm (?) cola, inside which was a plastic-encased simchip. When slotted into a commlink, it updated the device to be able to communicate with the machine on a protected comm channel.
  • A pristine, adorable, Furby doll.

Cherry Soda is known to make money on the side through opt-in discount magazine subscription offers.

Cherry Soda

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