Traits and Quirks

  • HackR’s online persona is that of a cookie-making kind of elf that many elves today would consider to be extremely racist. It constantly hops back and forth on its legs and makes “jazz hands.” His attacks and actions frequently involve miniature versions of his icon bouncing all over the place and generally making a nuisance of themselves. One of his favorite tactics involves having a red one and a white one appear next to other matrix users, taunting them relentlessly.
  • HackR is obsessed with old japanese samurai and ninja flicks, especially the really bad ones. His obsession has driven him to collect and then learn how to use (in that order) multiple, ahem, “samurai” swords. His obsession has also contributed to him learning the First Aid skill, with a specialization in Self-Injuries. Thankfully, he’s actually gotten pretty good with those blades over time, and has used them on more than one occasion to startle the fuck out of would-be burglars.
  • HackR has a notoriously weak immune system and mild allergies to, more or less, city life. Outside of his home (which is cluttered but immaculately clean) he always wears one of his many painted-and-customized breather masks, and surgical gloves underneath regular gloves.
  • HackR frequently has Gears over to either test a new video game he’s working on, or to tool around with his constantly-failing old home service drones.

Known Gear

  • An old-model stripped-down Doberman drone, converted into a rolling party tray, complete with beer cooler and serving surface.
  • A science class fake skeleton hanging with special cables from a rolling hat-rack-looking drone, and dressed like a french maid. Her name is Sheila.
  • A set of full-immersion VR, complete sensation-override sim rigs, which he uses primarily for gaming purposes, but they do have other applications as well…


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