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  • Caroline Marblee

    * Metatype: Elf, female * Age: late teens, out of high school * Occupation: Starbucks Barista * Area of Residence: The Bettencourt Vista neighborhood, east of Redmond * Family of Note: Older brother ([[:hackr | HackR]]) * Rumored to have "a thing" …

  • HackR

    h3. Traits and Quirks * HackR's online persona is that of a cookie-making kind of elf that many elves today would consider to be extremely racist. It constantly hops back and forth on its legs and makes "jazz hands." His attacks and actions frequently …

  • Cherry Soda

    As far as anyone can tell, Cherry Soda is in fact an actual Cherry Coca-Cola machine set up just outside a corner store in a particularly low-class area of the Redmond Barrens. It's covered with graffiti, and someone's punched a big dent into the "Coca-" …

  • Phil "Man-Man" Dooley

    Phil's two most favorite things to do are talk and drive, preferably at the same time. He earned the nickname "Man-Man" by the fact that he frequently begins and ends almost every sentence with the word "man." Man, that's pretty crazy there, man.

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